Seeing light at the bottom of the pit…

I’m glad I was depressed

When I was at Austin College, I found myself in a pit. I have talked about it before, but I was involved in very self-destructive behaviors and hated every second of life.

From the outside looking in I looked great. I was a collegiate athlete, I had a double academic scholarship, and I was making excellent grades. But, this wasn’t the case.

I was lost, broken, and had no hope. If ever I was in a pit, this was it.

Psalm 40 shows us a time David was in a pit and when he was so overwhelmed by life and emotions.

What is a pit you ask?

A pit could be any of life trials that leave us unable to free ourselves without the help of God.

For me, being wrapped in sin and depression was my pit. But, what does Psalm 40 say we should do when we find ourself in the lowest of lows?

1) Wait for the Lord (Psalm 40:1-5)

I have heard this before, “wait for the Lord.” But, it means way more than what it says.

When I buy something, and it’s shipped through Fedex, I check my phone for the delivery time, I check outside my door for the package, and I wait anxiously because I know at any moment my package will arrive. I don’t just sit around ignoring any possibility of it showing up.

In the same way, we are to wait for the Lord.

Isaiah 41:10 says:

We are to prepare ourselves through prayer and crying out to God because we wait because we know that something big is going to happen.

We dive into the word because it tells us everything we need to know about how God delivers us from our pit.

The tougher, more extreme, or intense our pit is, the more steadfast we are to wait for the Lord to deliver us.

Waiting is a perfect time to tune our hearts to God so when He answers we know exactly how and then we can thank Him for it after. Which leads us to my second point:

2) Proclaim God’s goodness (Psalm 40:9-10)

It’s only a matter of time before God delivers you from your pit. When He does, it is crucial that you praise Him endlessly for it.

You may not see it now, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And, believe it or not, God makes all things work together for his good.

I didn’t think that my depression and self-hatred would lead to an intense testimony that testifies to God’s love and pursuit for me. Nor did I realize that I was going to be a youth minister.

In the same way, God will use your pit for something beautiful even if it feels like he won’t now. And when he does, it is ever more delightful to praise God knowing that even He can turn muck into a masterpiece.

That is why I’m glad I was depressed at Austin College. I get to praise God because he has delivered me from suffering and the deepest pit I have ever been in. And, I have a story that impacts people and brings God glory.

So, what is your pit?

Maybe, like me, it is depression. Or, maybe life’s events have you feeling like you are cornered with no hope or escape.

Whatever the case, turn to the Lord today. Patiently wait for Him expecting Him to fulfill His promise. When He does, never cease to proclaim His goodness and what it has done in your life.



Black Sheep and Sore Thum​bs…

Odd, distinct, and significantly different

“You stick out like a sore thumb.” I haven’t been specifically told this before, but I can remember a few times I remember thinking it.

When I was a sophomore in college, I decided to begin trying out the sport of basketball. The first time I played, I was horrendous. I couldn’t understand it. I was quick and athletic, yet I couldn’t manage to keep possession of the ball or make it into the basket.

There was one play they passed the ball. I made a really good jump and got an interception. I sprinted down the court but out ran the ball. I slowed down and threw the ball up towards the rim, and it slammed off the backboard and went right back to the other team.

The rest of the game every time I touched the ball people yelled, “don’t shoot, pass the ball.” This was when I realized I stuck out like a sore thumb; I was the odd man out.

Another way I’ve heard it is he/she is “the black sheep.” Two expressions but one meaning: Odd, distinct, and significantly different.

These are three adjectives that people usually would not want to be referred to as. But, as Christian’s this is exactly what we usually are.

Currently, I have been working through a “Summer of Walking with God” with our youth. Here are three things to be aware of when you walk with God.

Christians will be hated by the world

Matthew 10:22, 1 John 3:13, and 1 Peter 4:4 all have something in common. They all address what happens when you become a Christian.They say you will be hated by the world and people will slander you because you no longer plunge into the destructive things you once use to do.

It’s not a fun concept and it certainly doesn’t have a large appeal, but there is a reward. Matthew 10:22 says, “You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.”

God says you will certainly be the black sheep and you will definitely stick out like a sore thumb but you will be saved.

When we walk with God our job is to be the light of the world as it says in Matthew 5:14-16. We are to let our light shine before others so that they may see the good works of our father, and allow Him to receive His deserved glory.

We should be consecrated

Romans 12:2 says, “Do not be conformed to this world, but continuously be transformed by the renewing of your minds.”

I want you to think of it this way. Imagine the largest highway that you’ve seen or heard of. Now, imagine everyone is walking in the same direction on that highway. Now, imagine a few walking the opposite direction.

Immagine the repercussions for those few.

“You’re going the wrong way.”


“Can’t you see we are all headed this way?”

You would look crazy and most people will never understand why you’re going against the grain.

You will stand out, but you’ll refuse to become a friend of the world. And, James 4:4 says that if you want to be friends with the world, then you make yourself an enemy of God.

Once again, a great reason to be the black sheep.

Please God, not people

One of the most important things to remember when learning to walk with God is to know who you’re trying to please.

This one is hard for me at times. I don’t do a service project or something for God initially to receive a thank you. But, sometimes I find myself discouraged when I don’t feel like the people I am serving appreciate the service, or when I don’t see the fruits of my labor.

Galatians 1:10 says, “For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.”

Seeking the approval of man is exhausting. People are disappointing and they will let you down. But, God never will and nothing sticks out more than someone who sticks with it even when they normally wouldn’t.

So, what are you waiting for? Break the mold and stick out. Be remembered for going against the grain instead of being just another face in the crowd.



A lady walked 500 miles… in place.


“Oh! I’m running to your arms. I’m running to your arms…”

I find myself lost in the words of Forever Reign. I’m having a great worship experience, and then the lady in front of me starts moving. She steps slightly back in forth like she is walking in place.

I’ve talked about it before, but as you all may know I’m super ADHD.

So, what do I do? I start counting her steps. One. Two. Three. Four….

When she gets up to 15 I’m so distracted that I start singing, “And I would walk 500 miles…” at the tempo of her marching that’s taking place.

Out of the corner of my eye, I notice that a boy is on his phone. I stand on the tips of my toes to get higher to see if I can see what he is playing. After a few attempts, I notice I’m disrupting the people next to me because I’m leaning over. I do a casual head nod and look back at the stage.

When did we switch songs?

How old are the guitarists shoes?

Did he get a haircut?

Woah, there’s a new family in the back. I wonder if they are nice. They seem nice.

I should probably face forward again.

What’s in my pocket. Lint? Washed receipt? Play it cool Isaiah; just leave it in your pocket and throw it away after church.

Man, I just realized I’m very thirsty. I look around for the nearest water fountain. BINGO!

Wait, everyone is bowing their head. Oh no, we are praying.

Just like that, the worship session is over.

Maybe you’re like me and find yourself distracted. Or, maybe you just find it hard to worship in general. Here are two ways to help you worship through singing.

How to worship through singing

1) Focus Your Mind’s Attention

Why do we worship?

We worship to praise, honor, glorify, and please God! After all, God’ grace provided us with a way into Heaven through His Son, Jesus. This has allowed us to escape the bondage of sin.

So, if we humble ourselves, as it says in James 4:6 we are shown favor because “God opposes the proud but gives favor to the humble.”

By humbling ourselves we praise, honor, glorify, and please God at the same time. So how can we do this better? We can do this by focusing our mind’s attention.

Have you ever actually listened to all the words to a worship song? Have you thought about the meaning?

These are ways to focus your mind’s attention. Oftentimes the songs we are singing are packed full of scripture straight out of the Bible or represent the very nature or good qualities of God Himself.

By focusing on the words and the meaning, we can begin to dive into a genuine and intimate worship session.

2) Focus Your Heart’s Affection

Colossians 3:1 says, “Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.”

Because of what Christ has done for us, we should yearn to love and appreciate God. Our hearts should cry out to glorify Him for everything He has done.

When we sing to God, it is a way to show our gratitude for it all. So, one way to worship through singing would be to remember this. Remember the cross and what it signifies.

Tying it All Together

When Kristian and I first got married I was on fire for her (I still am, of course, but I’m attempting to throw in an anecdote that sets up an analogy, so hang in there).

I paid attention to all the details. I listened to everything she had to say from what she liked and disliked to her favorite books. I loved the way she smelled. I loved everything about her.

I showed her the evidence of that love through things like praising her and buying her flowers. Or, by listening to her or opening her car door. I appreciated everything about her and couldn’t get enough of her.

In the same way, we are the bride of Christ (Ephesians 5:25–27). We should seek out to know God in every way possible.

What does He like and dislike?

What is His character?

How can I please Him?

By doing this, we can begin to desire and yearn to worship Him through focusing our minds attention and our hearts affection.


Turn my heart toward your statutes
and not toward selfish gain.
Turn my eyes away from worthless things;
preserve my life according to your word.

-Psalm 119:36-37

I like to stew…

My Perception:

So, I’m playing basketball and I go up for a layup and out of nowhere I get fouled unnecessarily and it starts. I begin to stew. Everything from this point on changes.

What’s this person’s deal?

Leads to…

Did this person do it on purpose?

Leads to…

He must have done it on purpose.

Leads to…

I bet he’s going to do it again.

Leads to…

This guy must not like me.

From this point on I begin to see things differently. After the game is over the guy sits next to some of his friends and starts laughing. I instantly start thinking he’s laughing at me and telling them that he fouled me on purpose or he’s planning to do it again.

The guy gets up and walks back on the court and makes eye contact and nods. I lose it because he’s trying to intimidate me. He must be letting me know that I’m going down.


A guy sees that I am going to do a layup and attempts to stop me and, in the process, he accidentally fouls me. He plays the rest of the game completely unaware that I am angry. After the game, he goes and sits by his friends where they start telling jokes and messing with each other. He gets back up and walks back to the court and nods to say what’s up to me.

Leave stewing to the pots

Okay, that’s corny. I’m too young for corny dad jokes, but I had to. I feel like we have all been here in some way, shape, form, or fashion. Maybe someone cuts you off while driving (I’ve talked about road rage before here), or someone says something catty to you, or someone steals the parking spot that you were waiting for.

There’s a term for all of this called the Ladder of Inference (You can read about it here). Here is how it works. It starts with a reality that is skewed by your own selected reality. From here it goes to how you interpret this reality and then to the assumptions you make about it. This leads to your conclusion about the reality which leads to your beliefs. Finally, your beliefs lead to your actions.

Long story short, you make assumptions about a situation and right or wrong it leads to some form of action.

There is a perfect example of this in the Bible. In the book of Job, Job’s friend saw the reality that Job was suffering and incorrectly assumed that it was a result of Job’s sin or disobedience to God.

Proverbs 25:8 (NASB) says, “Do not go out hastily to argue your case; Otherwise, what will you do in the end when your neighbor humiliates you?”

It’s easy to get caught up in anger when we are assuming the worst in people. But, what happens when we assume the best in people? Well, I, for one, can tell you that it is definitely less exhausting.

Proverbs18:2 says,”A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.”

So, here is your challenge for the week:

1) Pray and practice to see the best in people

Delight in wisdom and not your own mental tomfoolery. Assume the best in people and make truth your selected reality.

2) Pray for patience and understanding.

James 1:19 says, “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this; Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.”

Take time to try and understand the person and situation you are in.




P.S. If you pray for patience be ready to be put into situations where your patience will be tested. #goodluck

I have totally blown it…


I’ve messed up more than I’d like to admit.

It’s a funny cycle. I do great, I get in a groove, and I find it easy to trust, follow, and obey God’s Word. Then, I blow it. It may be something minor it may be something major, but the result is the same. I end up being at odds with God.

The problem is I don’t always like to face the music. I’ll either ignore what happened or, I’ll become dangerously numb.

Have you been here before? What is one to do when they blow it?

There’s a perfect example of this in the Bible. You may have heard it before. It’s the story of David and Bathsheba.

Here are some of the important points that you should know:

  • David saw Bathsheba bathing and didn’t look away
  • David inquired about Bathsheba and ignored the fact that she was married
  • He sent for her and committed adultery with her.
  • He committed conspiracy to commit murder
  • He had Uriah (Bathsheba’s husband) and several other innocent people killed

David totally and utterly blew it. There’s no way around it. He lusts in his heart, becomes an adulterer, and becomes a murderer in a blink of an eye.

So, what does David do when he found himself at odds with God? He turns to prayer. In fact, he documents it in Psalms 32,51,86, and 122.

Turning the ship around

I’d like to talk specifically about Psalm 51. I like how the chapter is laid out, and I think it provides a perfect narrative of what we as Christian’s should do, feel, and talk to God about when we find ourselves at odds with God.

(If you want to read Psalm 3251 , 86, or 122. Click on the number and you can read all of David’s passionate prayers.)

Here are four things you should do when you feel like you have blown it.

Ask for Mercy

God is a good God. David was a smart man. He knew his God, and he knew Him well. Although he couldn’t understand it, he knew God was a God of mercy. And, although this idea of mercy and grace is a complete and utter mystery, David hung onto this truth and asked the God of the universe for mercy from his stupidity.

The first thing David did was turn helplessly to God for mercy and in the same way, we should look to Christ helplessly for mercy.

Acknowledge your Sins

A lot of times we like to minimize the extent of our failures through comparing or from becoming numb to sin altogether.

“Yea, I sinned, but at least I didn’t do something as bad as Jeffery did.”

Or another one, “It was just once, at least I don’t do it that often.”

David doesn’t react this way. He takes the sole responsibility; He uses no excuses or scapegoats. He finds no one at fault for what happened except for himself.

Asked to be Cleansed

So now that David has asked for mercy and has acknowledged his sin, he asks to be cleansed. He asks to be fully forgiven and to have his transgressions against him to be blotted out.

In the same way, we go to Christ for our forgiveness because He has bought it with His blood. It doesn’t mean that we just stop asking. But rather we use it as a basis for us asking altogether because we know that, because of Christ, the answer will be YES!

Ask for a Pure Heart

Lastly, David prays to become pure.I love this part because he doesn’t stop at mercy, acknowledgment, cleansing, and repeat his sin. He goes the full circle and asks the Holy Spirit to continue to change him.

He doesn’t just want to be forgiven; He wants to grow and be used to help others know God.

Knowing God is great, but making Him known is just as important, and David realizes this. So, he asks for a pure heart to stay away from the wickedness so that he may lead people to the Savior through his mistakes.

Don’t let your mistakes or your mishaps define you. Ask for mercy, acknowledge your sin, asked to be cleansed, and ask for a pure heart today and allow God to use your mistakes and mishaps for Him.


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“God is #1” (When I’m not busy)


The god of busyness

Parents have approached me in the multiple youth groups that I have lead in regards to their kids. “Could you talk to my kid?”

“My kid is becoming distant.”

“They don’t want to come to church.”

“They don’t wake up in the morning with me to go to church.”

“They just lack that motivation to go to youth group.”

I usually follow up with the question, “Do you tell them they have to go?” They usually counter with something along the lines of, “I just don’t want to make them go to church; I want them to choose to go on their own.”

I then ask, “Well, what are they doing instead.” They then respond by talking about the variety of sports events they are involved with, the vacations that are going on, and family time they are having. Sports, vacations, and family are not inherently bad activities.

“I want them to choose to go on their own” – what a bad idea. My pastor said it this way, “We don’t allow our kids to choose to do the critical things in life. They have to go to the doctor. They have to go to school. Why would they not have to go to church? Is their spiritual education not 1000% more important? Spiritual education can lead to your salvation and eternity.”

If you ain’t first, you’re last

Pretty much the only quote I would recommend listing to or watching from Talladega Nights is, “If you ain’t first you’re last.” Here is the clip. Although I consider most of this movie vulgar and inappropriate, I think Will Farrel is on to something.

I think we get confused with our priorities. Oftentimes we stay busy, throw in ‘God time’once or twice a month, and then call it even. But, God is CLEAR that this isn’t how this works.


Proverbs 3:6 “in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths righteous.

Deuteronomy 6:5, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.”


God is either first or He is last. There is a funny satire piece on that talks about a parent confused by their child’s lack of faith. (Read it HERE it’s hilarious.) They go once a quarter but yet their child does not have a fire and passion for their faith in Jesus.

Did you notice that the Proverbs said in ALL of your ways acknowledge Him? Did you notice that Deuteronomy said love Hime with ALL of your heart, and ALL of your soul, and ALL of your strength?

What is your story? Is Christ first in your family? Or, is God an afterthought when you have gotten everything done?

I have a challenge for you this week; Put God first. That could look differently for everyone. But, I’ll leave you with this last scripture that is a good rule of thumb to determine if you are putting God first.

John 3:30 says, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

Our motto at Fort Bend Fellowship is to “Know Christ and Make Him Known.” Our goal each and every day is to make Him known to each and every individual that we come in contact with. All we want to do is let our God increase. Make that your challenge this week.

So, make this your challenge this week:

Allow yourself to decrease so Christ may increase, make Christ known to everyone you come in contact with, and put God first.




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Why I Read the Bible Every Day…

Here are 10 reasons that I read the Bible every day:

  1. To feed my soul.

    Every day we feed our body which only lives 80 or so years(If we live a long time). How much more should we feed our souls which will exist forever?

  2. To get answers.

    It is God-Breathed and can answer so many questions that philosophers have tried to answer.

  3. For wisdom.

    The Bible makes us wiser. This book gives us advice on money, love, parenting and much more.

  4. To win the battle.

    To Help fight temptation and sin. The Bible has plenty of scripture that can help you when you need it the most.

  5. To know and love God better.

    It builds your relationship with God. Reading the Bible gives us insight and a better understanding of who God is.

  6. To change me.

    It can literally change your entire life. Instead of looking for a self-help book, look at what the Bible has to say about what’s going on in your life.

  7. To get peace and hope.

    The Bible can give you peace and hope. The Bible is full of stories that demonstrate God’s power, trustworthiness, and grace.

  8. To understand God’s will for my life.

    The Bible can help with the direction of your life and how to best serve the Lord.

  9. The Bible can excite you.

    I have personally found many scriptures that have brought forth clear and vivid emotions.

  10. Lastly, it’s hard to be at your best if you are NOT reading the Bible.

    My best days are whenever I remember and read about God’s grace.


Why I don’t care if you cut me off… sometimes.


Optimism vs. Pessimism

Getting out of my apartment is dangerous. There is construction, cars are speeding by, and not too many people have the courtesy of slowing down to let you out. Usually I just have to pull out and cut someone off. This morning was no different. I pulled out and cut someone off. They, of course, were livid and decided to share their favorite finger with me!

I continued down the road and took a right. I was having a nice drive until someone pulled out of an apartment complex and cut me off! I was instantly filled with rage. No one was in front of me or behind me. Why did this person have to ruin my day? Couldn’t they have just waited until I was passed them?

I’m sure you see the irony here. No more than three minutes ago I had just cut someone off and here I was livid that someone could possibly have the audacity to do the same exact thing. I can think of a lot of things that I look at the same way. I’m severely ADHD and if someone is talking I could unexpectedly interrupt with a random thought. But, if someone were to interrupt me in the same fashion I would probably be quick to say they were rude.

This isn’t everyday. Someday’s I get cut off and I’m fine. Sometime’s I get interrupted and I don’t care. Same situation but a different response. Why?

I Smother Things in Optimism

I think it is all a mindset. Proverbs 17:22 says, “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Do you know when my best days are? When I decide early on that I am going to have a great day.

Admittedly this morning I woke up a little sore, tired, and pessimistic. So, when that person cut me off, I responded in anger. But, I can say there have been days I have woken up and decided that this would be a great day and nothing really gets to me.

The other day, for example, my battery died, I got a screw in my tire, my check engine light came on, and copper seeped into my brake fluids. There are plenty of reasons right here to be a sour patch. But, knowing where my hope and joy come from kept me optimistic as ever.

I get compliments all the time on my optimism, energy, and enthusiasm. This isn’t to brag at all but rather to let the cat out of the bag. I have just as many reasons as you and anyone else I know to be a downer. Bad things happen to me all the time. Unfortunate events (self inflicted or spontaneous) plague my life. I find myself praying to God asking Him to provide for things that I can’t handle or understand often.

So that being said, here are my three tips for smothering any and everything in optimism.

  1. Remembering God will provide
  2. You are blessed
  3. Christ died for him/her/them

No matter the obstacle or fear; God WILL provide. (I’ve talked about this before HERE)  I may be down on my luck; I am blessed. Someone may push you to a new level of anger or disappointment; Christ died for them.



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Are you scared to die?


If reincarnation is real I want to be a dog…

Necrophobia is the fear of death. According to Statistic Brain, 68% of Americans have this fear. America and the cinema are obsessed with it. Death is all around us. Movies like to depict what it will be like in the end of times. Terminator, I am Legend, Mad Max, or any of your classic zombie films all have this in common. There is a list of many more but you get the point.

Everyone wonders what happens to them when they die. Some think it all goes dark. You die and then it’s nothing. You just cease to exist. Others believe in reincarnation where you die and come back as something else depending on how you acted in your previous life. If this were true I would definitely hope to become a dog. Life would be so simple. Chase a ball and get pets. What more can you ask for?

But what does God say about death and dying? What does God promise us?

Revelation 21:1-7 promises us three things:

  1. We will be made new. (vs 1-3)
  2. We shall be fully happy. (vs 4)
  3. We will become the top one percent. (vs 5-7)

We will be made new

This one is exciting for me. The word new here isn’t talking about from scratch. Unfortunately, I’m not going to come out a foot taller and exceptionally handsome after I die. But rather, I will be made new. All my mistakes, all my regrets, and all my bad will be wiped away and replaced with a new me.

We shall be fully happy

Oftentimes we find our happiness from worldly possessions. I can attest to this. My family has nicknamed me Willy. Why you ask? Well, because I have the biggest sweet tooth you could ever imagine. There’s actually a specific story of running away from my mother while scarfing down the candy in my hand before she caught me. It’s a long story but basically I needed to lose weight for a powerlifting meet and I got caught casually eating seven or eight candy bars. My mom chased me and I ran while eating so I could finish them before she caught me. It’s sad but it’s true.

The point is I clearly find happiness from things of this world. But eventually that ends. I was overly happy when I was running from my mom and eating my candy. But, when she caught me my happiness was stripped from me.

When I buy new things it’s the same thing. I buy a new bike. For a week or two it’s shiny and exciting. For a week or two it brings me a lot of happiness every time I look at it. But, eventually it just becomes a bike. Nothing new and nothing special.

However, we are promised full happiness in Heaven. Revelation 21:4 says, “…There will be no more death, or mourning, or crying, or pain…” Happiness forever.

We will become the top one percent

Our culture has become obsessed with money, objects, and possessions. The more you have the better. The newer all of that stuff; just a cherry on top. I drive around in some of the neighborhoods in the town I live in and sometimes envy the mansions that I will never own. But I start to remember a promise right here in Revelation 21:6-7.

“He said to me: “It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To the thirsty I will give water without cost from the spring of the water of life. Those who are victorious will inherit all this, and I will be their God and they will be my children.”

I’m already filthy rich. When I die I inherit more than anyone’s money can buy. I inherit all that is good. I will be eternally near God. All of this for the huge price of (wait for it) nothing. The Bible says I will drink from the water of life for no cost.

Necrophobia is the fear of death. I am part of the 32 percent of people who have no fear of death. There are others too that I would assume are not Christian. Unfortunately those are the people that need to be scared most. Revelation 21:8 describes a place that I am lucky that I don’t have to fear when I die because of the cross and what Christ did for me and anyone who accepts Him.

I’ll conclude with this, “Adjectives that the world fears the most (orphaned, hopeless, condemned, dead) can never truthfully be said of the Christian.” (Austin Holcomb)



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Is porn the new cigarette?


It’s slow, it’s silent, and it’s deadly

A lot of us forget that cigarettes use to be cool. In the 1950s smoking was the epitome of cool. Hollywood stars were doing it. They made it seem sensual and sophisticated. All the while, slowly and silently it was killing all those who were using it. Second-hand smoke caused potential hazards for those next to the ones smoking.

There was a time when the creators of the cigarette denied there being any negative consequences from the usage of cigarettes. But when we looked inside the body all we found was cancer and rot.

There is a new cigarette: Porn. It’s addictive, it’s deadly, and it’s rotting the insides of everyone who views it. Here are a few bitter facts about porn that you may not know: (sources are List 25, Psychology Today, and Fight the New Drug)

  • most males experience porn for the first time between 10 and 12
  • the sex industry is the most profitable industry in the world
  • a new pornographic film is made every 39 minutes in the United States
  • studies have shown teenagers all over the world use porn to learn about real life sex
  • in 2004, nearly 500,000 marriages ended due to pornography in the United States

According to the website Fight the New Drug, porn kills our brain, warps our heart and ruins our world. Porn is addictive, it acts like a drug, it changes our behavior, it kills love, it lies, it warps sex, it leads to violence, it’s a main cause for sex slavery, and it hates families.

If all of this is true, why are we not talking about it? And, what does God say about this kind of sexual immorality?

  1. We should not become enslaved to anything of this world. (1 Corinthians 6:12, 2 Peter 2:19)
  2. Lust of flesh and of the eyes are from the world and not God. (1 John 2:16)
  3. Lusting after another is the same as adultery. (Matthew 5:28)

There’s no doubt that Satan has helped in the shaping and warping of the definition and purpose of sex. Sex is a beautiful thing between a husband and wife. Outside of marriage it has been tainted and replaced with pornography, homosexuality, rape, and lust. (Got Questions)

Got Questions has seven steps for those who are seeking freedom from pornography.

  1. Confess your sin to God (1 John 1:9)
  2. Ask God to cleanse, renew, and transform your mind (Romans 12:2)
  3. Ask God to fill your mind with the right things (Philippians 4:8)
  4. Ask God to allow you to become holy when it comes to sexual immorality (1 Thessalonians 4:3-4)
  5. Understand the proper meaning of sex and rely on (or wait for) your spouse alone to meet that need (1 Corinthians 7:1-5)
  6. Ask God to learn to walk in the spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh (Galatians 5:16)
  7. Take practical steps to reduce your exposure through pornography blockers, limiting television and video usages, and finding someone who can keep you accountable (Proverbs 27:17) Click Here for a software called Safe Eyes. It is a great PC software that can help protect you and your family from the dangers of the internet.

This last part is for the parents

I honestly don’t know how many parents read my blog. But if there are any, this last part is for you. My first bullet point on bitter facts about pornography should concern you. Most males are exposed to porn between 10 and 12. A lot of it is by accident or because they have heard about it from a friend.

Either way, you have a steep battle to fight. If you aren’t talking to your kid about sex, the purpose of sex, the dangers of sex, pornography, and the dangers of pornography then someone else will. I’m not here to tell you how to be a parent but I am here to present some chilling facts that our children and youth are facing.

I really encourage you to talk to your kid before it is too late. Here is a good article I found by Family Life that tackles the issue of talking to your kid about pornography and its dangers. Click Here to check it out.


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