Could you die for your enemies?

At the RIGHT time, Christ died for us all

I went through a sermon series with my youth called “He is the cure.” I spent months diving into and exploring Romans.

It was hard for me to go through Romans 5 because I felt like I could have done four or five sermons just on this chapter alone.

The whole chapter paints a beautiful picture. At the exact moment we needed salvation, Christ died for us. Not when we were on good terms with Him and not when it was necessarily convenient for Him either.

When I say, “not when we were on good terms,” I mean the worst of terms. We weren’t just unliked acquaintances, we were enemies. We were rebelling. We were literally running in the exact opposite direction of the way He wanted us to go.

But, the beautiful thing is that He relentlessly pursued after us in an unseen fashion. And, to show His love for us He allowed His Son to be murdered on the cross on our behalf.

All of this was while we were enemies.

Now I don’t know about you but I could not imagine giving up a child, or even a pet, to die on behalf of an enemy. But, God did just that.

Lately, God has really been blessing me in the musical category. He has been putting songs in my heart and I’ve been using them to lead worship for my church.

I wanted to use this blog to share a song that I wrote and that we sing at our church that was inspired by Romans chapter 5.

It’s probably not surprising that the title for this song happens to be, you guessed it, Romans 5.

Romans 5

Though I’ve Failed Lord you never fail.

Though I’ve rebelled Lord you never fail.


The thorns, the thorns pressed upon your head

The nails, the nails hammered in your hands


You saved your enemies, the helpless, the diseased, the lost, and the defeated.

Christ died when He was needed.

While we were enemies you reconciled with me, the lost, and the defeated.

You died when You were needed.


Because of me, You’re on the cross. I’ve caused Your pain.

But you redeemed all of the lost and gave us new names.


You saved us all from drowning.

You came and took our place.

You showed Your own love towards us through your saving grace.




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