I have totally blown it…


I’ve messed up more than I’d like to admit.

It’s a funny cycle. I do great, I get in a groove, and I find it easy to trust, follow, and obey God’s Word. Then, I blow it. It may be something minor it may be something major, but the result is the same. I end up being at odds with God.

The problem is I don’t always like to face the music. I’ll either ignore what happened or, I’ll become dangerously numb.

Have you been here before? What is one to do when they blow it?

There’s a perfect example of this in the Bible. You may have heard it before. It’s the story of David and Bathsheba.

Here are some of the important points that you should know:

  • David saw Bathsheba bathing and didn’t look away
  • David inquired about Bathsheba and ignored the fact that she was married
  • He sent for her and committed adultery with her.
  • He committed conspiracy to commit murder
  • He had Uriah (Bathsheba’s husband) and several other innocent people killed

David totally and utterly blew it. There’s no way around it. He lusts in his heart, becomes an adulterer, and becomes a murderer in a blink of an eye.

So, what does David do when he found himself at odds with God? He turns to prayer. In fact, he documents it in Psalms 32,51,86, and 122.

Turning the ship around

I’d like to talk specifically about Psalm 51. I like how the chapter is laid out, and I think it provides a perfect narrative of what we as Christian’s should do, feel, and talk to God about when we find ourselves at odds with God.

(If you want to read Psalm 3251 , 86, or 122. Click on the number and you can read all of David’s passionate prayers.)

Here are four things you should do when you feel like you have blown it.

Ask for Mercy

God is a good God. David was a smart man. He knew his God, and he knew Him well. Although he couldn’t understand it, he knew God was a God of mercy. And, although this idea of mercy and grace is a complete and utter mystery, David hung onto this truth and asked the God of the universe for mercy from his stupidity.

The first thing David did was turn helplessly to God for mercy and in the same way, we should look to Christ helplessly for mercy.

Acknowledge your Sins

A lot of times we like to minimize the extent of our failures through comparing or from becoming numb to sin altogether.

“Yea, I sinned, but at least I didn’t do something as bad as Jeffery did.”

Or another one, “It was just once, at least I don’t do it that often.”

David doesn’t react this way. He takes the sole responsibility; He uses no excuses or scapegoats. He finds no one at fault for what happened except for himself.

Asked to be Cleansed

So now that David has asked for mercy and has acknowledged his sin, he asks to be cleansed. He asks to be fully forgiven and to have his transgressions against him to be blotted out.

In the same way, we go to Christ for our forgiveness because He has bought it with His blood. It doesn’t mean that we just stop asking. But rather we use it as a basis for us asking altogether because we know that, because of Christ, the answer will be YES!

Ask for a Pure Heart

Lastly, David prays to become pure.I love this part because he doesn’t stop at mercy, acknowledgment, cleansing, and repeat his sin. He goes the full circle and asks the Holy Spirit to continue to change him.

He doesn’t just want to be forgiven; He wants to grow and be used to help others know God.

Knowing God is great, but making Him known is just as important, and David realizes this. So, he asks for a pure heart to stay away from the wickedness so that he may lead people to the Savior through his mistakes.

Don’t let your mistakes or your mishaps define you. Ask for mercy, acknowledge your sin, asked to be cleansed, and ask for a pure heart today and allow God to use your mistakes and mishaps for Him.


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