I’m glad God doesn’t have my timing…

I sleep through alarms

Last year some time my pastor asked me to be at our church at 5:30 in the morning. I needed to be there to block off parking with cones because there was a dance competition. If we didn’t get there early enough then there was a big chance that all the ‘dance parents’ would steal our parking before church started.

Saturday night I laid down and went to sleep.  Sunday morning I was woken up abruptly to banging on my door at 6:45 am. I immediately started panicking because I realized the time. I was already suppose to have shaved, showered, and put cones in the parking lot over and hour ago!

Luckily for Fort Bend Fellowship we have an amazing volunteer who scaled some fences and woke up a lot of my neighbors in order to make sure that we saved our parking. To this day I’m not sure how he got into our gated community or knew where I lived but I am very thankful that he is such a great servant.

I’m glad God’s timing is NOT my timing

Romans 5:6 says, “For while we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly.”

There is a great song by Bethel called “No Longer Slaves” and in the bridge  it says, “You split the seas so I could walk right through it.” At the perfect time God provided a way for Moses as he was fleeing from the Egyptians. In the same way God will provide for you at the perfect time and in the perfect way.

Kristian and I have been married roughly one year now. When we first got married there were times that we threw our hands up in the air because, financially speaking, we needed God to provide for us. For a while I was the only one with the job and if God had not intervened then we wouldn’t have made it through. God provided for us.

It wasn’t easy but at the end of the day we trusted God and He provided for us each and every time. Not always in the way that we expected or wanted but always in the perfect way. He will do the same for you.

God is never late

It’s been said that, “God is never late and rarely early. He is always exactly right on time. His time.”

Could you imagine if God did have my timing? Moses would be approaching the Red Sea and God would be distracted and think, “Wasn’t I suppose to be doing something right now. Oh well I’m sure it wasn’t too important.” Then, Moses would have been captured by the Egyptians.

But He doesn’t. God doesn’t sleep in. God does not delay and whatever it is that you need, God knows. If you trust in Him, put your faith in Him, and ask Him, He will provide. And, just like He has ‘split the seas’ for Moses, Kristian, and myself He will do the same for you. Rarely early, never late, and always at the perfect time.



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