The Beginning

The Decisions That Changed Decisions

Have you ever had that decision. I mean the one that could make or break everything? 

Let’s be honest, I’m not talking about waking up in the morning five minutes before “the big meeting” and having to choose between eating, washing your hair, and brushing your teeth. I’m not talking about trying to decide which condiment works best with your turkey and Gouda sandwich. Don’t get me wrong, I find myself in a state of indecisiveness on a daily basis while trying to determine if I’d rather eat a Subway sandwich or Taco Bell burrito. However, I’m referring to the decisions that will actually make or break everything.

Okay, I know the beginning was corny but it was necessary. We are bombarded daily with advertisement and choices that cause us to make decisions. From what food we should eat to what shampoo I should use. While these trivial things do in fact matter, there is one decision that changed decisions and continues to shape future decisions.

For all those Christians out there you know that I’m eluding to my choice to become a Christian. I’m not going to go into a long story to tell you about my depression and terrible choices that I made before realizing that I was lost. Although both of these statements are true and add to the reality of a perfect God pursuing a sick and broken individual, they aren’t necessary for my testimony. I’ll simplify it…

I was lost and now I am found.

The true reality is that I had MY plans, My dreams, and My desires and they led to brokenness and chaos. You see when I decided to truly accept Christ as my savior my career path changed, my dreams changed, and my desires changed. One decisions changed every one of my previously thought out decisions. I changed my career. I changed Schools. I changed my group of friends. I changed everything.

It was NOT easy. It was NOT convenient, It was NOT pretty.

God never promises you these things. You have to realize I was a self-proclaimed Christian who looked like EVERYONE else. When I decided to truly follow Christ things changed and people noticed. I did not instantly become perfect. But, I did become righteous. Not because of my own works or deeds but because of the blood of Christ.

I may not be perfect but I am saved.

I may slip up but I am forgiven.

I’ll never meet  the mark on my own but I am loved.

This is my testimony:

I am a sinner made righteous by a perfect God. Although I was lost, I am forever found.